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Whole New You! Body Rebalancing Program

Utilizing Dr. ATW Simeons’ HCG Endocrine Adjustment Therapy.

Dr Shotz says: This is the only program I’ve found that can achieve all this with complete safety, no harmful side effects and lasting results:
  • Permanently get rid of excess weight you never could before.
  • Reset your metabolism to its optimal setting.
  • Regain youthful energy and attitude.
  • Reduce elevated blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Learn a non-toxic, satisfying, health enhancing way to eat for the rest of your life.
  • Avoid debilitating diseases of old age.
Based on the extensive research and clinical experience of Dr. ATW Simeons, our “Whole New You! program” is a three month program that will change your life in a way nothing else can. Totally different from traditional diet, exercise and lifestyle programs, “Whole New You!” utilizes HCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, an all-natural, bioidentical hormone, in very small doses, to reset the body’s endocrine glands to their optimal function.

HCG is the human pregnancy hormone, and it does this in pregnancy to enhance the probability of a successful birth. HCG also allows direct access to storage fat to supply needed calories, as opposed to structural fat or reserve energy fat, as would be utilized first in regular weight loss dieting. This endocrine reset results in an all-day leveling of blood sugar that you will feel as a reduction of hunger, a lack of cravings, a dramatic increase in energy, better sleep, waking well-rested and a feeling of elevated self-esteem and optimism you may have forgotten was possible.

Patients report that nothing they have ever tried (and many have tried everything) has come close to the life enhancing effects of our “Whole New You!” body rebalancing program.

Doctor Supervised HCG Weight Loss Dr. Shotz, utilizing the "Whole New You" Body Rebalancing program, has helped almost 1000 patients lose over 20,000 pounds of fat in the last six years without one serious adverse effect.

When done under medical supervision, we believe our HCG based "Whole New You" program is clearly the safest, most effective and successful weight loss program ever developed and will prove to be the answer for anyone suffering from irreversible obesity and those who are simply overweight and just want to feel better. Though all patients may not look exactly like this after completing the program, this patient's weight loss result IS typical for most patients, though, of course, results cannot be guaranteed. Call for more information or to set up an appointment to begin your transformation now.

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