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PTSD/Fears/Phobias/Anxiety Permanently Eliminated in Minutes

If you suffer from trauma, claustrophobia, fear of flying, public speaking, bullying, spiders, snakes, needles, or excessive anxiety for any reason, you can be free of any or all of these in one brief session, without agonizing retelling, reliving or discussing details about anything. This is not "talk" therapy! It takes only minutes, and relief is guaranteed.

Modern medicine has long acknowledged that excessive stress gives rise to a myriad of debilitating diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. You can now easily and permanently release excessive stress, about anything.

After more than twenty years of treating thousands of patients with of all kinds of trauma, stress, anxiety, fears and phobias, Dr. Shotz has created a remarkable new tool you can use yourself, anywhere, anytime, to instantly relieve any of these. It's called: Neurochemical Conversion Technique™ (NCT).
NCT quickly changes traumatic, fearful memories or thoughts into non-threatening, harmless pictures, with no emotional component. They become just observations, allowing you to think calmly, rationally and constructively about them for the first time. If this seems too good to be true, you’re invited you to try it for yourself. If after one thirty minute visit you do not find the above statement to be true, there will be no charge for your visit. There is no need to continue suffering. Call now for your appointment.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an acupressure therapy that can rapidly reduce and permanently eliminate longstanding, complex anxiety from childhood or traumatic life experiences. Dr. Shotz has used EFT successfully on thousands of patients in the last twenty years and is considered a Master practitioner of the technique. He has found EFT to be one of the most effective stress reduction therapies ever discovered.

EFT utilizes the energy pathways (meridians) used for thousands of years by acupuncturists. Instead of using needles, EFT therapists tap on surface points of the major meridians to effect the desired changes. Fast, painless and non-invasive, clients often report an immediate, dramatic lifting or lightening sensation as long-standing blocks or recently acquired stressors are released, and no reliving of the stressful experience is necessary. In fact, no details of the event or concern are needed for successful treatment, so privacy issues are not raised. Complete resolution of recent or long-standing emotional issues is often achieved in minutes. Results are guaranteed.

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NOTE: FREE TO VETERANS.  If you are a vet with post-traumatic stress from your military experience, Dr. Shotz will treat you at no charge. This is the way to get yourself back, and get your family back. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s free. (And it’s not “talk therapy”).

If you know a combat vet or a vet’s family member who could benefit from this, please have them call and come in. You could save a life!
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