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Whole New You! Program Details

1. Is it safe?

Millions of patients have used HCG on variations of this program since the 1950’s and yet there is nothing in the medical literature indicating any harmful side effects, even after six decades of use.

2. Does it require will power?

Will power? No. Commitment? Yes. Continuous, personalized support assures that all patients experience in the second phase, when calories are restricted.

3. What does the program entail?

There are four phases to the “Whole New You!" program:

Phase I. The Detox. A one month detoxification utilizing diet and supplements to clear your liver and G.I. tract of toxins and to open your pathways of elimination in preparation of Phase II. You will be given a personalized supplement protocol to support detoxification and correct vitamin mineral, enzyme, etc., deficiencies. You will also have a one month intestinal and liver cleanse to clear yeast, parasites and toxins, promoting healthy, daily bowel movements.

Phase II. The Metabolic Reset. For either the 20 day or 40 day program you will take a single small dose of HCG, (human chorionic gonadotrophin), an all-natural bioidentical hormone that will cause a reset of all endocrine glands under control of the hypothalamus, the master gland. The hypothalamus controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, anger, and circadian cycles. If weight loss is a primary goal, calories can be safely reduced without hunger in this phase because optimal blood sugar levels are maintained 24 hours a day due to the effects of the hormone giving ready access to stored fat.

Phase III. The Lock-In. In this phase you will learn how to easily maintain steady blood sugar levels all day long for three weeks. This steady blood sugar level is necessary to “lock-in” the optimal settings achieved in Phase 2. The hypothalamus (the master gland) will maintain the new optimal settings only if blood sugar is held within tight guidelines for the three weeks of Phase 3.

Phase IV. The Rest of Your Life. You will learn how to eat a huge variety of delicious, non-toxic, health promoting foods that will keep your energy and mood high, your immune system strong, and your body weight stable. If weight loss was one of your goals and you lost the pounds and inches you wanted, as long as Phase 3 was done properly and you continue to eat organic and natural foods in the health promoting way you learned, you will have long-term weight management success.

Of course, continuous abusive dietary habits can cause the body to lose its new found levels and limits, but one of the most common effects of phases one through three is the complete loss of any desire to overindulge, especially with unhealthy food. Remember, to maintain your gains and weight loss, this program does NOT require will power, just listening to your body and appetite.

What about emotional causes of poor dietary habits?

Using his rapid and permanent stress/anxiety reduction therapy, Dr. Shotz will treat and eliminate your emotional stress and food cravings in Phase One, or at any time throughout the program, as part of creating a “Whole New You!”. Each patient receives as much treatment as is necessary to eliminate any excessive food cravings, fears, phobias or life traumas.

Rapid traumatic stress, anxiety and food craving elimination utilizing NCT, (Neurochemical Conversion Technique), and EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique), is Dr. Shotz's unique specialty and is an integral part of this program and a primary reason for the high degree of patient success.

What is included in the program?

At your first appointment, Dr. Shotz will review your medical history and, if indicated, perform a physical exam. The medical basis of the program will be thoroughly explained and you will learn what to expect on each of the four program phases. If Dr. Shotz determines that there may be an underlying emotional issue that might prevent you from being successful, he will use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NCT, (Neurochemical Conversion Technique), to permanently eliminate or minimize emotional stress.

You will be given a nutritional evaluation during your first visit. During this time a personalized supplement regimen will be prescribed as needed. Three return office visits are scheduled, at the end of each phase to prepare for the upcoming phase. All four appointments are included in the program fee.

Will I have support throughout the program?

In addition to comprehensive printed material for day to day guidance, we encourage frequent communication with our office via email and/or phone so that any questions or problems can be promptly addressed. Weekly updates are required so that we are able to support you and make constructive suggestions to ensure your success. Jill, our program manager, will monitor your progress, answer any questions, and assure that you have whatever materials you need when you need them. You will have as much support as you might want.

How do I get started?

Call our office and ask to make an appointment for the “Whole New You! program”. You can discuss the costs of the programs at this time and decide which one is right for you. You may also ask to speak with Jill and get any questions answered in advance of your first visit.

We’ll look forward to seeing you!

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