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Combining the best of conventional & natural medicine.

Welcome to Maine Integrative Wellness

Health Care of the Future, Today

Combining science-based natural therapies with the best and safest of mainstream medicine, we achieve results unobtainable elsewhere.

We specialize in difficult cases.

Integrative medicine is a partnership between doctor and patient in the process of healing. By listening and engaging whole-heartedly, all factors that influence health, wellness and disease are considered. These include mind, body and spirit as well as relationships with one's family, work and community.

It is our mission not only to heal, but to inspire, educate and motivate our patients to
embrace and follow the path to wellness and long life.

Practice Specialties:

Immediate and lasting relief of physical and neurological pain. More
Immediate and lasting relief of traumatic stress, anxiety, fear or phobia. (Free to Vets and their families.) More
Rapid, healthy weight loss, utilizing Dr. Simeons HCG Endocrine Adjustment Therapy. More than 20,000 pounds lost. More
Alternative and Supportive Treatment for Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease, MS, Autism and more. More

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